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Konstantin Nevelskiy’s Global Collaborations are Today’s Music Diplomacy

Change; some fear it while others embrace the opportunities it offers. Artists have always led this charge, prompting others to dream of the benevolent possibilities. One such modern music artist is Konstantin Nevelskiy. This Russian born music producer/composer/DJ/sound engineer/ sound designer has collaborated with artists from all over the world, embracing the idea that modern technology has made this easier than ever before. As the music business evolves and the control transitions from major label executives to the hands of the artists themselves, those like Konstantin are establishing an international network and style that is giving way to a new foundation for modern music. This disintegration of musical boundaries will no doubt pave the road to more acceptance and understanding as fans of different artists arrive at an intersect. The true goal of Nevelskiy and those whom he creates music with is simply to express themselves rather than the achievement of diplomatic ends but there is already goodwill being cultivated through their endeavors. One can’t help but move to the music he’s been creating and that’s a positive experience no matter where you rest your head.

Konstantin caught the attention of Iakopo (Universal Music Japan, Sony Music Japan) when he posted his own bootlegged remix of “Closer To You” by the Japanese artist, R2Bees, & Drei Ros featuring Sean Paul. Iakopo was so taken with Nevelskiy’s work that he was immediately pegged for the artist’s next track “What I Need (Nevelskiy, Alex Sate & Phillipo Blake Remix).”

The ability to circumvent old gatekeepers via technology is a key element of the success and methodology of today’s music artists. Someone like Aaron Beri (Australian singer/songwriter and professional model with 1.5 million followers) is able to direct the stylistic path of his music due to loyal “followers” online rather than allowing a music executive to superimpose a template on him. Working with Konstantin on “Naked” allowed the versatility of Beri’s music to shine. The originally chill and relaxed vibe of “Naked” was transformed into an upbeat and exciting dance track by Nevelskiy, giving evidence to the melodic depth of the song. The attention of music fans is highly segmented these days; the dividends of working with someone like Nevelskiy who can perceive and reimagine songs, creates a bigger umbrella to gather more fans who support artists.

Konstantin is perhaps so sought out as a collaborator because he possesses a positive malleability which allows him to perfectly complement the attributes of his fellow artists. Working with Ukrainian artist Yanina Zheman (lead singer of the band Marlen, known for her appearances on Ukrainian X-Factor), Nevelskiy’s remix of the song “Promeni” took first place in the hit parade of the MusicBox music channel and became a staple on Kiss FM radio. Similarly, his production of several tracks for Margarita Pozoyan (finalist of massive television franchise The Voice on Channel One Russia) as well as American artist L’Raquel (Lauren Raquel) displays Konstantin’s perception of what communicates well to a Russian fanbase. Viletheory (also a U.S. artist) collaborated with Nevelskiy on “Tweakers” which once again testifies to his eclectic brilliance.

For any negative component it brings, it’s irrefutable that the closeness our present world experiences through technology has great potential for understanding. It’s a responsibility each of us must face as to how we implement it for positive means. Konstantin Nevelskiy perceives the expressive, creative, and societal gains as equal stating, “I can’t say how my music affects others, but I can say for sure that working with authors around the world gives me the opportunity to see this world as a whole in all its diversity, and not just through the prism of the propaganda of a particular country. I hope to show through my art that no matter how different we are, we are all brothers on this planet. We interact, we are friends, we create, we listen to and respect each other. I recommend to politicians all over the world to listen to good music and follow the example of musicians. Peace for everyone!”

An LA based writer with more than a decade as a staff writer for NYC based Drumhead magazine, Kelly is also a contributor to a number of outlets.

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