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Nevelskiy & Neringa Siaudikyte Interview with Leila Ciancaglini

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Neringa Siaudikyte is a Lithuanian singer and songwriter. She is best known for appearances in The Voice and her songs Echo, Su Tavim and Thank You. In todays interview with Leila Ciancaglini, Neringa drops her new remix of her song "Echo" with Konstantin Nevelskiy and Phillipo Blake. Kaliente Girls on DashRadio.

Listen to KalienteGirls on Mon-Fri 6-8am and 3-5pm PST.

Kaliente Girls is a multicultural music/talk show that predominantly plays unsigned artists in the Pop, Rap, and EDM genres from all over the world. We occasionally play mainstream artists' more frequently played songs and hits.

In addition: we conduct regular interviews with stars from YouTube, Instagram and other social media/internet platforms. Kaliente Girls currently is on DASHRADIO in Los Angeles and also iHeart Radio, Buzzsprout Podcast, Amazon Music and more.

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