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Lithuanian star Neringa Siaudikyte releases her latest single “ECHO“ a powerful dance remix with celebrated producer Nevelskiy

Neringa, a famous Lithuanian singer, has been building her career for over three years in Los Angeles. Now united with local talent Konstantin Nevelskiy, Neringa is launching a dance remix version of her latest single, “Echo.” “We want to hit every dance floor in Los Angeles,” says Neringa. The song was written by Andrew Furze, a well-known Australian producer based in Los Angeles. The talented team of Dale Anthoni, Casey Cook, Andrew Furze and Neringa were developing the song while Neringa was living between Los Angeles and Lithuania. It took over two years to complete the song and shoot the music video. “I always envisioned this song as having a dance remix version,” says Neringa. Neringa and Konstantin Nevelskiy met in Los Angeles. Her talented vocals attracted him, and the sound producer took notice of her single “Echo .”Nevelskij said, “I wanted to make this great song even more dynamic and create something that would be a big hit with DJs in clubs.” So he teamed up with his old friend from Milan, Phillipo Blake, to create a dance version in the best traditions of vocal house music.

“It was great luck to meet Nevelskiy,” said Neringa. Nevelskiy is a multi-genre sound producer with a unique ear and professional vision. He is also a composer, mixing engineer, and DJ who has created music for artists, movies, television, advertising, and video games for over 15 years. Artists such as John B and Moonbeam have supported his original tracks. His music has been licensed multiple times for TV series, including the top series on Italy’s RAI 1, “Vivi e Lascia Vivere,” directed by Golden Globe Italy Award winner Pappi Corsicato. In addition, Nevelskiy’s soundtrack for an extensive beer advertising campaign generated so much interest from listeners that it was released as a standalone work.

Neringa is a celebrated Lithuanian singer. She started her music career when she was 18 years old. Her career took off after participating in The Voice of Lithuania. After a musical career in Lithuania that spanned over a decade, she decided to launch her career internationally and moved to Los Angeles, where she worked on a new album with local producers. “My goal was to create a new sound and new me, to work with the most talented producers and to create something incredible,” said Neringa. Now she is working on another new single that will be released before summer. The song will be perfect for beach parties and vacations. Stay tuned! Neringa Siaudikyte’s latest single, “Echo,” a dance remix with Nevelskiy, perfectly combines Neringa’s powerful vocals and Nevelskiy’s dynamic sound production. The original song took over two years to create, and the dance remix version was a collaborative effort between Neringa and Konstantin Nevelskiy. Nevelskiy, a seasoned sound producer and composer, brought his expertise to create a unique and dynamic dance version of “Echo.” Intending to hit every dance floor in Los Angeles, Neringa is excited to see the response to her latest single. Neringa’s career started in Lithuania, and after over a decade of success in the music industry, she moved to Los Angeles to continue her career and work with local producers. Neringa’s dedication to her craft is evident in her latest work, and her upcoming single promises to be another hit.

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