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Looking for high-quality music production services? Look no further than Nevelskiy. With years of experience as a composer, arranger, and music producer, Nevelskiy can help you bring your musical vision to life. Whether you need custom songs or arrangements for your favorite tunes, Nevelskiy has the skills and expertise to create the perfect sound for your project. From production and mixing to sound design and more, our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch service that exceeds your expectations. 


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Telegram @Nevelskiy 

WhatsApp +79528597711


Full Track

Includes idea development, arrangement, final vocal recording session, vocal processing, mixing and mastering

from 3000 USD


Working in a vocal recording studio as a sound engineer and sound producer. Collaboration for the best result

50 USD/our


Creation of original musical compositions and arrangement of melodies


from 1500 USD

Sound design

Vocal processing, mastering, mixing


from 300 USD


138 N Everett St

Glendale, CA 91206

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